We offer a design of an innovative Monopile CE support structure for wind turbines located on offshore wind farms.

The project assumes the use of a hybrid structure, combining the use of a part made of thick steel sheets on the section buried in the seabed (as in a traditional monopile) with a part in the form of a structure made of thinner sheets (approx. 50 mm thick) stiffened with a grid of vertical stiffeners and horizontal stiffeners on the section above seabed level.

Benefits of using Monopile CE:

  • the possibility of domestic steelworks joining the supply chain of sheet metal used to build Monopile CE (at a level of up to 50% or more),
  • possibility of involvement of domestic manufacturing plants (e.g. shipyards) in the construction process of Monopile CE for the part located above the seabed,
  • reduced emission of sheet metal production by using the electric method of sheet metal production by domestic steelworks,
  • shortening the construction cycle time of Monopile CE by significantly expanding the catalog of steelworks and manufacturing plants in the context of a very narrow list of suppliers for traditional monopiles and in the context of the expected increase in demand for monopiles in the coming years.

Our office will prepare a complete monopile design based on the Monopile CE concept for the given conditions in a specific location planned as the target site for a wind farm. We will carry out design work at every stage:

  • feasibility and profitability study of the use of Monopiles CE for the entire wind farm (including a preliminary list of thick and thinner sheets),
  • conceptual design for given conditions such as: power and type of turbines, depth of the reservoir, structure of the seabed, wave conditions, wind conditions and other environmental conditions,
  • technical design containing construction documentation of monopiles that meets applicable standards and regulations of certifying institutions,
  • executive documentation taking into account the technology of selected manufacturing plants.

At the design stage, we perform engineering analyzes in accordance with the requirements and procedures contained in applicable regulations and standards:

  • structural analyses,
  • fatigue strength analysis for the designed service life of the structure,
  • modal analyses,
  • analysis of the monopile driving process along with soil modeling for given conditions,
  • analysis of the strength of connections of the monopile with the transition element (grouted connection).

We prepare technical documentation in the Siemens NX system, and for engineering simulations and analyzes we use Ansys Mechanical Enterprise (with Aqwa) and Ansys LS Dyna software.

The Monopal CE concept was created as a result of a project that we implemented in 2021-2023 with the financial participation of the National Center for Research and Development as part of the Smart Development program.

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